Qinhuangdao 65 cm long and weighs about 68 pounds of melon, melon people hit5杨帆

Qinhuangdao is 65 cm long and weighs 68 pounds of big melon was "eat melon masses" newspaper news (reporter Meng Lingying) as white flesh like melon, guayang like pumpkin seedlings, the weight of 68 pounds, but has a green rind. Such a description may make people wonder: do you really have such a melon? What is this? On the morning of September 12th, the public Wang holding a big melon pictures in WeChat circle of friends attracted more than 50 friends point praise, the size of the exaggerated melon so many people mistakenly think it comes from an agricultural sightseeing park. "What is this?" "How many jin?" Many friends asked curiously. Wang told reporters that the big melon before his father’s home in the yard, not a sightseeing park in the ornamental melon, then in order to take pictures, he took a lot of effort to pick up. Mr. Wang’s father Wang Xuezhe lived in the town of Changli Ge Ge Ge Hong Kong Village, 75 years old this year. This spring, he was from the village of 3 tree species under the old Tian guayang, just began to think that is the ordinary pumpkin. In his meticulous care, guayang has long ten melons, not only grow fast, and a large head, long with respect to the underpinning of the basket to crush. Many neighbors come to his house to see fresh, a lot of people who have not been a lifetime of such a big melon. Fruit shape is oval, like melon as slender, green rind, cut after Guarang like white melon, pumpkin than to tender and juicy, crisp taste slightly, flowers and leaves with pumpkin like. Wang Xuezhe to weigh it, a total of 68 pounds, he also measured with a ruler, melon length of 65 cm, diameter of 35 cm. "Grow into such a big melon, also more than and 20 days of time. Grow so well, the next year I want to." Wang Xuezhe said. Old two stuttering less, some melon has not grown up, Wang Xuezhe picked up the fried eat, grew up to relatives and friends to eat stuffing bag. Sometimes, the melon cut then, the other is too big, he had to say: "you give others not to go?" So that they would take it. What is the name of the melon in the village, no one can speak up, Wang Xuezhe to give him guayang villagers inquired, "I heard that the melon seed is brought back from the United States, in the village for more than 3 years, some people suspected of melons, a year is not the kind of." The reporter will melon pictures to the College of horticulture science and technology Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology teacher Wang Jiuxing, he said, the growth of leaves and fruit of the observation guayang, below and flowers are linear sepals Cucurbita, triangular sepals instead of Benincasa, preliminarily concluded that the melon and pumpkin. Kinds of melons to big, with molecular biology technology can be achieved, but generally only for sightseeing or seed companies advertise, farmers do not grow much.相关的主题文章:

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