The State Bureau of coal Supervisor Chongqing coal mine explosion gas Jinshangou system caused by cr carmex润唇膏

The State Bureau of coal Supervisor: Chongqing coal mine explosion gas Jinshangou system caused by cross-border exploitation of Beijing, Beijing – Chongqing in November 1 Yongchuan Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) deputy director of the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau of Guangxi to protect 1 days at the scene of the rescue of Chongqing coal mine gas explosion in Yongchuan Jinshan said in an interview, a preliminary investigation showed that the Department of border the explosion caused by mining Jinshangou coal mine gas, coal mine the existence of illegal phenomenon in the management of production safety, safety. GUI said to protect the mine, coal mining is legal anthracolithic coal seam, the accident is in the cross-border, more layers mining K13 coal seam, not in the mining license within the scope of. According to the current understanding of the situation, cross-border mining production areas to start construction in November 2014, illegal mining area from February 2015 to April 2016 to stop production. In May 2016, the resumption of production, continue to carry out illegal cross-border exploitation. Coal mine management personnel to make false drawings, false information and other means to evade inspection. Data search and rescue personnel at the wellhead. Photo by Chen Chao Guangxi to protect that show accident exposed the problem, the existence of illegal phenomenon in the coal mine safety management, production safety, mine safety facilities is not perfect, the ventilation system is not reasonable, safety management is chaotic. Due to the complexity of the underground situation, only the rescue workers to go, the coal mine safety supervision department has not yet been to the scene investigation, the next well will have further information. Jinshan coal mine mining license approved by the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of land and resources, the mining area of 2.69 square kilometers, the production scale of 60 thousand tons per year, mining methods for underground mining, coal mining for anthracolithic, even two, mining depth of 410 meters to 207 meters. This reporter has learned that the main coal mining coal mine Jinshan District of Chongqing Yongchuan coal industry limited liability company, the legal representative of the company Jiang Wenji. The scene of the accident emergency command 1 morning news release, the mine owner and director Jiang Wenji has been controlled by the police, the situation further verified.相关的主题文章:

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