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Stocks continued to lower the price of power coal spot prices jumped up Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The coal price index, plant Japanese consumption lead down China coastal coal freight index in Qinhuangdao – Guangzhou (50 thousand – 60 thousand DWT) in August 10th from the highest 46.1 yuan tons in September 14th down to 26 yuan per ton, a decline of 43.6% over the same period; Qinhuangdao – Shanghai (40 thousand – 50 thousand DWT) price from 36.6 yuan fell to 20.1 yuan tons tons, a drop of 45%. Since the 8 month, due to weak demand superimposed hydropower is relatively abundant, six power group consumption data is not optimistic about the end of August began, quickly fell to 550 thousand tons day level. According to previous observations, coal freight index is usually ahead of the coal price of about two weeks, and with the power plant demand fell, coal prices will fall accordingly. But this year, unlike in previous years, although the shipping fees in August 10th began to fall from high power consumption in late August with the end of high temperature weather showed a downward trend, but the price of coal has not been affected, not only did not fall but rise. A very important reason is that although the plant daily consumption began to decline, but since the summer plant inventory level remained low, especially in August 16 to 21, nearly a week, the six major power group coal stocks less than 10 million tons, far below the safe supply line, some power plants such as Zhejiang electricity, electricity, Datang. Coal available days less than 8 days, inventory in an emergency, purchasing more rigid, despite the hot weather from the end only a week or so, but the plant restocking will strong, lower price sensitivity. Because of low volume, Bohai port stocks continued lower than in previous years, Qinhuangdao port since December last year, fell to 5 million tons after never returned to this level, the whole summer hovering around 3 million tons, at the beginning of September is below 2 million 500 thousand tons. Low inventory makes the number of port anchorage ship high, since early August, the number of Qinhuangdao port anchorage in about 60 vessels, the number of Huanghua port anchorage in 90 to 110 ships, far higher than the same period last year, and the replenishment factor also further push up the north port area of the spot price. It is understood that in mid September, Qinhuangdao port anchorage ship still in more than 50 vessels, ship more than 80 vessels in Huanghua port, the port demurrage phenomenon is still serious. The next period of time, the port inventory is still difficult to rebound sharply, mainly Pit Coal Co., a limited production policy, on the other hand is the coal sales this year in north area is good, a lot of pithead coal after go directly to the North pin, future northern heating into the hot phase with coal, coal will be the end increased, but the whole supply could rebound sharply need further observation of future construction of advanced production enterprises. Figure for the Bohai thermal coal price index (yuanton) policy is still the key demand and follow the market’s fall gradually deviated from the pit, is the port coal storage gear相关的主题文章:

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