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Three strategies to make fried pork nutritious food channel — original title: three strategies to make fried pork nutritious fried pork spicy Xianxiang so great appetite, but if the improper cooking, nutrients will be destroyed. Learn the following tips can make fried pork more nutritious. Hang sizing paste, use thicken. The pork paste and starch sizing up egg, can prevent the material moisture and nutrients, while the formation of the starch gel layer can insulate heat, prevent the destruction of vitamin and protein denaturation; in addition, when cooking can use the sauce thicken, thick liquid material overflow and attached to the dishes on the surface. Let the dishes smooth, tender and delicious, nutrient leaching of raw materials will also be together with the dishes with the intake, reduce the nutrient loss. After washing, stir fry anxiously. Pepper wash cut can reduce the loss of water-soluble vitamins, and now cut cooking, reduce nutrient loss in oxidation; Wang be fried fried pork to fresh flavor, and can shorten the heating time, reduce the destruction of nutrients, especially vitamin C and B1 on heat sensitive nutrients. Multi use vinegar, less alkali. The vitamin has a characteristic of "Hi, afraid of acid alkali" stable under acidic conditions and easily decomposed under alkaline conditions, so put some vinegar in the cooking can reduce vitamin loss, while cooking pork, vinegar can promote the dissolution of calcium and other minerals, increase the yield of absorbing calcium nutrient; alkali not only destroy the vitamin. Can destroy the protein, therefore to use less alkali. * (Associate Professor of nutrition and food research center of Third Military Medical University, Chang Hui) (commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Zhao Jinghan)相关的主题文章:

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