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Textile and apparel exports this year is a foregone conclusion We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: this year’s textile and clothing export decline is a foregone conclusion compared to the export of textiles and garment export situation this year is almost a dismal, in addition to export data in the two quarter was essentially flat, the rest of the time are negative growth. In this regard, He Xiaosi explained that compared to the textile industry in recent years since the transformation of the more technical intensive, capital intensive characteristics of the garment industry has not changed the characteristics of labor-intensive. Subdivision related product cost structure can be seen, the textile (gauze) product raw material costs accounted for 65%~70% of the total cost, cost of raw materials of apparel products accounted for nearly five of the total cost to 60%, low added value, product competition is mainly reflected in the cost. Therefore, raw materials, labor, policy and a series of comparative advantage in the Southeast Asian region, weakening the comparative advantage Chinese clothing exports. G20 Hangzhou summit is the stage, on China’s textile and garment export restriction will be accompanied by the production and elimination of factory. Fourth quarter, China’s textile and garment exports will decline narrowed." But He Xiaosi also reminded, will be held in November in the world Internet Conference held last year also arranged the surrounding area limit production, this year’s meeting in Wuzhen, will limit the possibility of a larger production arrangement, will also bring negative influences to the export of textile and clothing. Christmas orders usually bring the Kim Gu did not appear in the market, in September, China’s textile and garment exports fell in the early decline in the case of the accident is to usher in a big drop. Customs data show that in September a single month, China’s textile and apparel exports $22 billion 765 million, down 15.4%, drop than August (exports fell 3.1%) 12.3 percentage points higher than in September last year (exports fell 5.7%) expanded by nearly 10 percentage points. 1~9 months, textile and garment exports totaled $198 billion 654 million, down 6.02%, a decline of more than the previous 8 months to expand by 1.4 percentage points, an increase of nearly 3.6 percentage points over the first half. The textile market of traditional export market is not busy season, chill let Huarui textile and apparel information information manager He Xiaosi felt industry has been ahead of the arrival of winter. According to the monthly data segments, since this year, the textile and clothing export year-on-year growth in March have achieved positive growth of high amplitude, then the continuation of the downward trend, only the textile exports to achieve positive growth again in August. At the same time, clothing exports began to decline since May of this year, although the decline in September has increased, but the decline has little change. In September, textile exports $7 billion 720 million, down 20.5%, compared with August (exports of $10 billion 246 million, an increase of 5.2%) by 25 percentage points to expand; clothing exports $15 billion 45 million, down 12.6%, than in August (exports of $17 billion 686 million, compared to the same period of相关的主题文章:

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