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Gu Shu took over as president of ICBC is known as the "crisis master" [Abstract]49 year old Gu Shu became the Industrial Bank, the incumbent president of the state-owned banks in the youngest one. The line of a business department in charge of the evaluation of Gu Shu crisis master, senior accounting expert". Finance reporter Zhang Weiwen after nearly a lapse of four months, the world’s largest commercial bank president candidate ICBC finalized. "Finance" reporter learned exclusively, ICBC senior principal responsible person has received a notice of the meeting, in September 12th nine in the morning, the parent organization department responsible person in the ICBC held a meeting, announced the Commercial Bank Deputy Governor Gu Shu was promoted to President of icbc. "Finance and economics" in this regard to the relevant departments to verify ICBC, the other did not deny. After the announcement of the Organization Department, after the end of the relevant procedures, Gu Shu will be formally appointed chairman of icbc. In May 16th this year, the ICBC held above the middle management staff of the general assembly, the leadership of the Central Organization Department announced that Yi will be full of ICBC chairman, party secretary, no longer serve as chairman of ICBC, former chairman, 63 year old Jiang Jianqing due to the last age retired, no longer serve as chairman of icbc. After the completion of the chairman of the handover, the market has been waiting for the replacement of the president of the universe. Previously, ICBC insiders told the "financial" reporters, the morning of August 23rd, the Central Organization Department of ICBC head office to convene a meeting of president candidates, and the president and the vice chairman, deputy secretary of the Party Committee Office of democratic recommendation, mainly for leadership and the provincial governor, the total line department responsible for the bearer the vote, democratic elections may be the result of a valley Shu, but eventually to the Central Organization Department announced. According to the official website of ICBC, the present paper money essential as the board of supervisors, four deputy governors were Zhang Hongli, Gu Shu, Wang Jingdong and Hu Hao, and the valley of Shu took over the Industrial Bank also confirms the ICBC cadres produced from within this statement. The 49 year old Gu Shu graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in August 1990, bachelor’s degree; graduated from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in March 1995, obtained a master’s degree in management; March 1998 graduated from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, a PhD in management science; senior accountant, a lot of professional papers and books. Gu Shu became president of ICBC, becoming the youngest incumbent president of state-owned banks. The line of a business department in charge of the evaluation of Gu Shu crisis master, senior accounting expert". From the resume can be seen, the valley Shu is also an old pedestrian, his PhD in management from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in March 1998 after graduating from ICBC work accounting department; from February 2000 to September 2003 served as deputy director of ICBC, director of the Department of accounting; from September 2003 to December 2004 served as deputy general manager of ICBC accounting department; December 2004 to July 2006. Plan for financial department deputy general manager; July 2006 to July 2008 served as general manager of financial department; from July 2008 to November 2010 served as secretary of the board of directors of the Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd, general manager of strategic management and investor relations department; November 2010 ICBC co..相关的主题文章:

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