The lights out! Game player share pioneer Anna dart watch skills 海思k3v2

The lights out! Watch the game player share pioneer Anna dart using the skills we are not all marksmanship into the master, but the dart Anna actually has a lot of marksmanship skills outside, must not only can use the special good marksmanship skills. Genji: when the enemy Genji like hero against you, first to narrow the room to attract the enemy over, which can better predict the enemy more and better targeting. The two section of Genji jump process in the final stage of the parabolic drop can be expected, so wait two jump landing before this time Genji is easier to hit the target. (this technique can also be used for hog hook) Reinhardt: death followed by open death on steroids and Reinhardt is the first goal, because of the impact of the two strokes of the hero battle group is too large, if successful anesthesia can reverse the situation. Mccrea: justice also take special care of Pharaoh Mccrea has to noon, Eagle day, generally have a big move in the opposite, and take the dart to those bad hit, as waiting for the two heroes in the opening their own opportunities still. At Fort Winston, and Winston: anesthesia target at the fort is also very good, because they are easy to hit, and if used in anesthesia Trooper hook to time can also save his teammates. If Winston opened the big, put him to sleep after you can ignore him. Sleeping off a fortress is a means to solve the problem, whether it is a passerby or a high-end office. Check: check Leah anesthesia Leah’s significance is not great, she can use a barrier to block anesthesia. But if the enemy is very high, it’s important to see her with a barrier and then to take her. Auxiliary Hero: auxiliary hero is also a good anesthetic object, because with the team mate well, as long as the sleep, the basic can kill these people to kill, resulting in advantages. In addition to the object mentioned above, other heroes are low priority targets in the wartime to own the dart target is very important. With a prior plan, you can also make your Shift more precise. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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