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This year the Mid Autumn Festival to eat what? — snowy moon cake – author | Xi small Sohu mother looking at the moon, we know the Mid Autumn Festival is getting closer. Although the market a variety of fancy cakes but mom still want a superb collection of beautiful things, handmade moon cake to eat. Today, we are going to learn today’s popular ice cream moon cake, do not use the oven, baby can participate in the production. Need to prepare glutinous rice flour in Wheat Flour edible oil viscosity Rice noodles sugar paste with make ice skin 12 glutinous rice powder, sugar, wheat flour, sticky Rice noodles, edible oil mixed with the ratio of 3:2:2:1:1. With water into a paste, just from the fine filtration can be easily. Medium heat for 25 minutes or so. Small tips: Xi with corn oil, sunflower oil, taste and color of light oil, the best in the pot to heat up and cool to use. Can also use butter or special mooncake white oil. Do the biscuit 12 ice crust is divided into the same size, by hand press into the middle of thick thick around the thin package, joined into a small ball of fillings, with mould, or pinch into tortillas can eat. Today we use red bean stuffing and mixed beans, taste very jump. You can also use any love of stuffing, sweet and salty can. Is not very easy to see that the baby is doing? Xiao Xi tip: to cover or into the container when making pastry, to prevent the skin dry, can put fried glutinous rice powder sprinkled on the board, you can also smear cooked edible oil, prevent the adhesion of dough. Nutritionist tips mooncake is high in sugar and fat food, children of poor digestion and absorption capacity, eat more easily lead to indigestion; especially for moon cake as a snack, eat at night time should distance and sleep time; children under the age of three is best not to eat. Soft drinks, fruit juice contain a lot of sugar and calories, and moon cakes collocation is undoubtedly ", great harm to add fuel to the flames" young children health. Eat moon cake, can be mixed with sour taste, rich in vitamin C fruit, such as fruit, guava, oranges, watermelon and bananas, contribute to the body’s absorption of fat metabolism. Author: Xiao Xi, this to the public number: treasure a meal, ID:mami_baby_love, has been authorized reprint. ——–End———相关的主题文章:

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