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The police to carry out "autumn" campaign to crackdown cracked 12 cases of scalping piaofan – Beijing, Beijing, September 14 Xi’an Xinhua (reporter correspondent Tian Jin Chen Siyuan) Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, Xi’an Railway Public Security Bureau carried out a month long "autumn 2016" special action to crack down on illegal reselling train tickets and thought crime passengers buy tickets on the grounds of fraud. As of September 14th, the police have cracked the scalping case 12, captured daopiao staff 12, destroyed 7 dens, gang ticket, tickets, booking documents seized in connection with 831, involving a total value of 116 thousand and 500 yuan coupon. According to reports, since the autumn of 2016 against scalping "operations carried out to adjust the Xi’an railway police police deployed elite forces to set up organization, votes against ticket scalping and other special investigation team, strict implementation of real name system inspection regulations, strict examination of forged documents or certificates, tickets, people were inconsistent, and found in order to investigate clues. At the same time, to Xi’an, Baoji, An Kang, Yanan and other major focus, based on increased armed patrols, road linkage joint logistics, patrol control efforts to strengthen the ticket office, station square, out of the station and other key areas, to maximize space squeeze ticket brokers. The ticket to purify the network environment, Xi’an Railway Public Security Bureau police deployed to set up network security teams, the network interactive platform involving reselling train ticket information to carry out 24 hours monitoring inspections, combined with the relevant local authorities found together, together, together, deep track fight together. In September 9th, the Xi’an Railway Police Department police in Xi’an City, the intersection of the five train tickets on sale at the time of the inspection, the suspects arrested suspected of reselling tickets Yim, seized the paper ticket 32, par value of 11168.5 yuan. In September 12th, the Yanan Railway Police Department police according to the clues, will be suspected of illegal network scalping seized a bu. Upon review, bu in July of this year so far through the network ticket booking software more than 120 pieces, the face value of 12352 yuan, more than $1000 in illegal profits. Currently, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章:

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