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Thailand to extradite from abroad to offend the royal family "expert: difficult to achieve – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in Thailand Zhao Xinchun] according to Thailand media reported on 29, before and after the former king Bhumibhol began searching for the king’s death was believed to slander the people of Thailand the day before. To this end, Thailand police recently investigated 20 cases, and is seeking extradition suspects from abroad. Thailand’s "Bangkok post" reported that the Thailand national police chief Jadib said that Thailand has been on the territory of the 20 alleged violations of the royal family issued a warrant for the arrest of 8 suspects. He also said, for those who insult the royal family, if they do not want to live in Thailand, you can go to other countries." Thailand’s foreign ministry is also trying to hunt down the suspects. Thailand’s foreign ministry said that Thailand has been to many countries for the extradition of those accused of insulting the sovereign. Although they did not specify which countries had to put forward the request for extradition, but a Kampuchea official confirmed that Kampuchea relevant agencies are to carry out the relevant work will extradite three Thai people’s request, he did not specify what these people do specific offence. However, some experts believe that such extradition seems unlikely to achieve. "In the seventy year of the reign of King Bhumibhol of Thailand, he was seen as a member of the party who was able to unify the forces in this politically unstable country. His departure is not only to the political situation in Thailand is facing more and more uncertainty, also let any of the monarchy has become a highly sensitive topic of discussion". The British "Guardian" commented that since coming to power in 2014, the Thailand government in support of the royal family has always held a clear attitude, and be on the hunt for all suspected offended monarch who, in order to appease the hardline royalists who. In view of the fact that Thailand law does not constitute the crime of insulting the royal family which acts to define the opposition that Thailand military government has the legal crackdown on dissent behavior. Today, the sensitivity of the topic of the royal family in Thailand has reached a new height. The report said the military government to maintain the reputation of the royal family is also under pressure. Not long ago, Thailand just dispatched Senior Deputy Prime Minister, including the representative group with the Internet giant Google, asking them to delete the video web site owned by YouTube on any offensive content. In addition, the Thailand Department of justice minister also said that the Chinese people should be "social sanctions for those who slander the monarchy". Thailand has one of the world’s toughest laws to punish members of the Royal family. Reuters said any insult to the king and queen and their children’s behavior is a crime, convicted most people face 15 years in prison. Even if the overseas Thai people criticized Thailand’s royal family, once their names are found, often attacked in the Thai Internet forum.相关的主题文章:

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