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Guangming Daily: Thunder accountability against academic misconduct — Viewpoints — original title: Thunder accountability against academic misconduct according to media reports, the Swedish two Nobel prize judges before the scandal was dismissed because of academic. Due to the impact of Italy surgeon Ma Chiarini academic fraud scandal, the Swedish Karolinska Institute Nobel prize committee decided to withdraw the wal Berri and Hamm Sten as the two Nobel prize in medicine is not only the decision for the committee members, also served as vice president of Karolinska Institute in Sweden post. Although Ma Chiarini has denied all charges by themselves, but the Swedish government has adopted a "thunder action", and Berri and Hamm Sten were in the world Nobel prize committee removed before the lifting of the members of the Management Committee of Karolinska Institute. So efficient accountability act really set people thinking. Objectively speaking, academic misconduct is an international phenomenon, but the domestic academic dishonesty is also grim situation, we should learn from the useful experience of management. Obviously, college students need to obtain credit through the paper, the researchers also depend on the number of papers published for the title, some people take the "shortcut" to rush into danger. Corresponding to the deformity of the demand, the paper "one-stop service" has become an industry, and become more subtle, contributed to the emergence of more academic misconduct. In some people’s opinion, academic dishonesty does not seem to directly cause social harm. Moreover, in some institutions and individuals in the academic help there, and the title "clearance", is often on the shelf, does not have a real role in society. In fact, as more and more research is close to the reality of life, academic achievements are more and more able to affect social life, and even directly affect the lives and health of the public. Sweden, the incident, the parties Ma Chiarini was employed at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, is considered to be the top scientists in the field of artificial tracheal transplantation. But Dr. Ma Chiarini’s two patients died, eventually detonated the academic misconduct scandal. Academic research is a high-level knowledge of human activities, academic dishonesty, is tantamount to the knowledge of the building in the human "sand". Crack down on academic dishonesty, should increase accountability and punishment, in order to form a deterrent. However, academic misconduct exposure from us in some places, punishment still far behind the "trot" fraud. 2015, China’s more than one hundred international papers due to false peer review, essay writing and other issues encountered internationally renowned publishers withdraw draft, shook the academic community. Not long ago, the media exposure of a fake papers industry chain, involving more than and 500 universities, shocking. In addition to college students in addition to college students, but also many university professors. Some units even for self-protection considerations, and makes academic misconduct actions eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. The bad faith seriously, to protect the integrity of. To some extent, the laissez faire behavior is the elimination of academic integrity. To this end, the Ministry of education for the first time in the day before the department regulations form on the prevention and treatment of university academic misconduct provisions)相关的主题文章:

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