Hundreds of thousands of yuan, is what led to the star price paid 捷安特xtc750

Hundreds of thousands of yuan, is what led to the "star price paid"? Original title: what is the birth of a star "astronomical paycheck" a reality show hundreds of thousands of Yuan star appearance fees, a movie star paycheck is the basic models of tens of millions of dollars". In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese film industry, film stars, issue price paid in the movie box office fraud led to a public hot. The day before, the National People’s Congress in the deliberations of the film industry promotion law, the suggestion that we should through taxes and other ways to make a star "price paid" return to rational, so that funds link to invest more in script writing, in order to improve the quality of the movie. For the box office fraud phenomenon, it is suggested that the punishment should be increased, the establishment of the industry blacklist". However, the price paid management really so simple? When a crew will hit most of the budget in some front-line actors, the salary is behind the production team is pathetic, and will be forced to reduce other costs, leading to a lot of drama ", has become an industry problem. Barbaric growth paid recently, TV producers such as "Yi Zhuan" at the price of $150 million to hire male and female led to a public discussion, the high price paid phenomenon also exists in the film industry. In the "not bad money" China movie market, star paycheck continue to brush out the new height, tens of millions for so many directors and producers complain incessantly. The general manager of the Tencent video copyright cooperation Han Zhijie to the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, in three years ago, was the biggest drama "," a set of price Zhen was about 300 thousand, with the level of play up 10 times in the last year the price, top of the show this year rose 30 times. Behind this is a big reason for rising costs, while the rise in the cost of actors bear the brunt. Ciwen Film & TV chairman and President Ma Zhongjun told reporters that in recent years, the actor’s price is generally rising, price actor 34 million in the first two years of the digital There are plenty of people who, even peaked, but higher now has billions of dollars. Of course, the director, IP (intellectual property) and other aspects of the rise, some of which are not very well-known actor, but also followed by a high price, generally caused by the rising cost of the industry. For such a situation, the downstream need to look at the rational. "The film and television industry rapid development in recent years, promoted the rapid rise in the price of actor, at the same time, we are lack of a reasonable assessment of the value system, if the price increases, but no value evaluation system of fair and reasonable price on the other hand, there will be chaos." Create a "Yi biography", such as "tiger mother cat dad" gold producer Huang Lan said. "First Financial Daily" reporters learned that an actor may be the first few million fee, but with the rising popularity of its value in just a few months or a year up to millions of dollars, if the overnight explosion of red will be higher. The industry is the lack of a reliable assessment of the value of the actor system, many brokerage firms are price they shout out, if the investor is not willing to give, the famous actor will not participate in the performance. Some producers are sometimes invited to play in order to get a call for an actor. In the entertainment circle, the circle of actors.相关的主题文章:

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