Foreign media said the Indian army selected 21 sections of the road for aircraft takeoff and landing naughty怎么读

Foreign media said that the Indian army is selected in the 21 section of the highway for aircraft landing location sensitive – Beijing Reference News Network October 25 foreign media reported that the India air force chose 21 road sections in all parts of the country, in the "emergency combat situation" or natural disaster rescue process for aircraft landing. Some road near the border with Pakistan Rajasthan and gujarat. The rest are located near the border with Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and North Kendebang o. According to the India times website on October, 18, said the India air force after careful study to determine these sections, taking into account the emergency situation of fighters and other aircraft take-off and landing of the minimum requirements. In the highway traffic and transport minister Nitin Gardner? Card sent a letter to the Secretary of defense Ma Lo, Hal? Parry Carle proposed in September, by the highway and the Department of defense as well as officials from the air force to form a committee for coordination can meet the purpose of the road sections. Informed sources said that the Pakistan air force closed between Islamabad and Lahore for a day of the main highway landings, Parica M sent a letter to Gardner card. Last November, the newspaper reported that the new road of India air force had requested India National Highway Authority to provide updates to existing roads and will be built in the details of the scheme, it can be incorporated into some of the necessary features, the specific sections can be used as the "runway", and can make the aircraft landing. Informed sources said, were included in this application list section is located in the Jaisalmer area of Rajasthan and Gujarat de card. (compile Liu Xiaoyan)相关的主题文章:

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