Take Obama The United States will force the 9· 11 victims Sue Saudi Arabia haywire

Take Obama? The United States will be forced to allow 9· 11 victims sued the Saudi data figure: pictured on September 11, 2001, from the perspective of the New York The Empire State Building was hit by a plane crash, ignited the billowing smoke of the Twin Towers. Original title: challenge Obama? The United States will be forced to allow victims to sue 9· 11 Saudi U.S. Congress local time 28 days respectively by more than three points of the majority vote to overthrow President Obama for "allowing" 9· 11 "victim prosecution veto Saudi" bill, this is the first time there was still veto force through the Obama years is expected to have a serious negative impact on the United States and Saudi Arabia ally. Obama, 23, on the grounds of damage to the interests of the United States on the grounds of homeland security, rejected the Congress approved the "9·" terrorist attacks on the survivors and relatives of the victims sued the government of Saudi Arabia act of 11. According to the constitution, Congress is still able to present three of the vote to override the president’s veto, forced the bill into law. The Senate voted 97 votes in favor of the day, the results of the vote against the success of Obama’s veto of the bill, the Senate minority leader Reed cast the only vote against the expression of his support for the president of the 1. The house of Representatives subsequently voted 348 votes in favor, the result of a vote of 77 against Obama’s veto. 9· 11 survivors and relatives of the victims, the majority of the hijackers from Saudi Arabia, the "base" organization by the Saudi government funding, they want to sue the Saudi government in the United States and claim to ask Congress for legislative support. But the White House that there is no evidence that Saudi Arabia knowingly to "9· 11" attackers to provide support, the House bill deprived is not included in the list of countries supporting terrorism sovereign immunity, if you open this precedent, the United States, foreign and overseas interests, U.S. intelligence officers will lose immunity protection. Daily economic news reporter noted that in the day before the Senate vote on the bill, no Democratic lawmakers in the chamber of justice for the Obama administration’s defense. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Adcock said that lawmakers would not emotionally alienated, more reluctant to anger "9· 11 survivors and relatives of the victims. Some media analysts said, in the fight against terrorism has become a key issue in the context of the election, members do not want to be labeled a terrorist attack on the activities of supporters of soft label. One of the drafters of the bill, Senator Schumer of New York, said that while the bill would give the United States diplomatic trouble, but to ensure that "9·, 11" survivors and relatives of victims to pursue justice and justice is more important. The White House spokesman Ernest lashed out vote of Congress, said this is the 30 years of the Senate did "the most embarrassing thing," lawmakers did not fulfill the basic responsibilities entrusted by the American people. Saudi Arabia is an important ally of the United States to combat the Islamic state action, the majority of U.S. media believe that the bill will have a serious impact on bilateral relations, the United States may damage the military deployment in the middle east. The Saudi government has threatened that if the bill is passed, will sell the holdings of U.S. debt and other u.s.. Treasury Department of the United states.相关的主题文章:

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