Doctors on the eve of the night before surgery save more than anything else 追踪309

Doctor: save the night before the wedding night doing surgery is more important than what Washington second days is a wedding, 80 doctors made two overnight operation, more than 5 points until the morning, a night without sleep, he was back home in the wedding…… This is not the story of the film and television drama, this scene occurred in the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, the doctor named Zhang Kai, aged 29, is an ordinary doctor in the hospital intervention. Zheng report financial media reporter correspondent Gu Changle revans is figure second day wedding surgery at night "patients with Ms. Bao day from Nanyang to our hospital, 43 year old, 38 weeks of pregnancy, because of scar uterus, placenta and placenta implantation, need immediate cesarean section surgery." Zhang Kai recalls. October 24th at 3 in the afternoon, Ms. Bao began to undergo cesarean section. In the stripping of the placenta, Ms. bag bleeding, Zhang Kai for the implementation of bilateral uterine artery embolization hemostasis. After successful embolization, Ms. Bao is still bleeding, when it was more than 8 in the evening, surgery for more than 5 hours. After the consent of the patient’s family members, the doctors were carried out for the total hysterectomy. The operation ended at 10:30 in the evening. After a series of intense rescue, maternal vital signs finally stabilized, transferred to the intensive care unit. "I thought the operation is over, you can go back to get married, the family can not be rushed, and now even the wedding dress has not bought it, and then do not go home marriage can not bear." Zhang Kai said. Second hours after the surgery to have the wedding home waiting for him when he learned that participate in the operation of the Zhang Kai second days of marriage, has been staying in the operation room, in order to save Ms. Bao dedicated, Ms. Bao family moved quickly, thanks. But I did not expect, Ms. package’s surgery has just ended, there is an urgent need for emergency surgery. Saving is more important than anything, patients need me." Zhang Kaili picked up the device and took part in the rescue of another patient, after this surgery has been completed at 5 in the morning. Zhang Kai hurriedly left the hospital, on the way back to Shangqiu home with her wedding dress. "I am ready to choose this profession, the patient’s life and health is higher than me." Zhang Kai said, so that all night surgery thing happened more than once, but his girlfriend can understand themselves. Yesterday morning, when the reporter contacted Zhang Kai, he has to put the wedding finishing, ready to go back to work.相关的主题文章:

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