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Beijing after the first land transfer regulation of   Yizhuang land from the housing transaction 2 billion 100 million — real estate — original title: Beijing regulation after the first block transfer of Yizhuang land from the housing turnover 2 billion 100 million after more than 5 months, the Beijing land market once again usher in residential land auction. Auction of Yizhuang from the housing block is also 9? 30, Beijing, the purchase of the policy after the enactment of the Beijing land market sold the first piece of land. Yesterday, housing prices in 11 participation, after 47 rounds of intense bidding, the plot is ultimately a developer to total 2 billion 110 million yuan won broad singapore. It is reported that this listing parcel is located in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone II-6 block X84R3 block, the sales price of 23000 yuan per square meter (including renovation costs), will be "six in one" form for. Notice requirements of the land in residential use scale of the building will be used for the construction of owner occupied housing, the maximum size limit of 90 square meters, the sales price of 23000 yuan per square meter. In the growing shortage of land in Beijing under the background of the construction of all the requirements from the housing requirements also failed to dampen the enthusiasm of developers, the land in the listing stage received 11 bids. The transfer of land attracted broad new (level of development), K2, Biguiyuan, Heng, Luneng, Jin Yu, Vanke, China Railway, China railway construction, sunshine city, the first Zhuzong consortium and other 11 companies participate in the competition. In Beijing, 9? 30 after the new regulation, the land transfer has attracted much attention by the House Agency Market Research Director Guo Yi called "one of the benchmark housing prices in response to post regulation era". Yesterday’s auction lasted less than 10 minutes. As per square meter price 23000 yuan, the costs and benefits of the land is determined, and the final photograph s auction floor price of 20800 yuan per square meter, excluding land profit is only 2200 yuan per square metre. Since the profit is very low, why housing prices have to grab this piece of land? Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that in September 30th the introduction of the country’s most stringent regulation of the property market in Beijing, compared to the high risk of commercial housing plots, although the low profit from the housing, but the sale of small risk. In addition, housing prices may be fancy is this risk-free 3 billion sales. The total land area of 101325.2 square meters, according to the average price of 23 thousand, the total land mass is expected to be the final sales of around 3 billion. In the purchase of the policy issued on the eve of Beijing hang out 5 residential sites, of which 4 were located in the northern part of Haidian Yongfeng industrial base, the other 1 cases are located in the Daxing Huangcun Xinghua street, are at the mature region, has a superior advantage. It is understood that the parcel will be auctioned in November 2nd. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章:

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