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Planning A Career In Fashion Designing In India By: Ajay Chaudhary | Apr 9th 2012 – The fashion industry is one of the most sought after career destinations amongst today"��s youth. An increasing number of graduates in India are opting for a career in the glamorous world of fashion. What are your options in the field, read on to know. Tags: Custom Fashion Improvement With Dynasty Resources By: alex | Aug 8th 2009 – Dynasty Resources Inc. provides cross cultural guidance to American firms that want to market their products and services to China. Shanghai and Hong Kong, has serviced high-end fashion retail establishments in Europe and the US for more than a decade. Handbags, elegant dresses, suits and jewelry are her mainstay but Ms. Wu … Tags: Fashion Designing Technology By: alex | Aug 6th 2009 – Good fashion design should be applied to every dress or costume you create. Well balanced arrangement becomes good design in utility clothes, wash dresses, severely tailored garments, formal wear. Proportion is the relation of one part of a fashion design to another in line, mass, or color. Proportion is also the relation o … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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