4 year old boy wandering with his father 3 months finally live in a new home in the new clothes-vidown

4 year old boy wandering with his father 3 months finally living home clothes Taiwanese network (micro-blog) November 19th – "aunt, I wear this handsome? Are there any more handsome than father?" Yesterday, in the "new home", the vast comfortably wash a hot bath, put on his clothes to love people, danced with excitement. "I don’t even know what to say. They’ve helped me too much……" Li Shaogang looked at the side, washed the clean son, if not finished, already choked. Last year my father after the accident, the house would collapse. Home mom, dad to continue treatment, at the age of 4, he followed his father on the streets (see newspaper reports). These two days, the story of the father and son touched countless readers, hundreds of love money came, to the total amount of yesterday has reached $100 thousand, Li Shaogang extremely grateful, he asked everyone to stop donation, will love to others who need. There are many people willing to provide shelter for Li Shaogang. Taking into account the convenience of travel, Li Shaogang finally chose the Quanzhou bus station near a Fasthotel, free admission. In the "new home", the vast and happy life of myself to my father! The public to send clothes to the vast delighted milk yesterday morning, the reporter received two bags of the sea to the public to send clothes and milk. A bag is sent to Jinjiang Liu, which not only have winter clothes, as well as 2 cans of milk powder. 50 ml of water plus 1 scoops of milk powder." Liu also carefully explained to reporters. Another bag is Ms. Huang sent clothes, Ms Wong’s children with vast almost, there are many people send clothes did not wear overnight, she put together a bunch, yesterday morning early in the morning. Get these clothes and milk, the excited. He hasn’t seen so many beautiful clothes for a long time. Milk is a favorite of the vast, vast dad didn’t before the accident, drink milk every day, after the accident, no conditions to buy. "The vast previous round face, plump and lovely." Li Shaogang touched his son’s hand and said, "you see him now, his arms are thin". Yesterday, love continues to ferment, more than two hundred or three hundred pen love. As of 6 o’clock last night, reporters to help them collect sea WeChat more than and 160 pens, a total of about 27 thousand yuan. Li Shaogang bank card, also received more than 70 thousand of the love. At present, love has 100 thousand. Although the medical expenses need to go back to the next week to determine, but preliminary estimates, has been able to help Li Shaogang father and son over this hurdle. And, a few readers said that if Li Shaogang follow-up surgery is not enough, they are willing to help make up. Li Shaogang urged people not to give him donations, will be left to the people who need more love. Super 8 Hotel offers free accommodation until he return to work last night, Super 8 Hotel Quanzhou new station shop manager Mr. Huang, see "Strait news on WeChat (micro-blog) Quanzhou" push the story of Li Shaogang and his son, he thought they had encountered the situation in Quanxiu street. "I was busy, after the ocean department store downstairs, found that Li Shaogang sat on the stairs, playing beside the vast." Mr. Huang said, he saw the dress, like begging, thought it was abducted. However, the discovery of the relationship between the father and son is also very close, and gave up the idea. Because he was in a hurry.相关的主题文章:

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