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Business The current economy has forced an overload of change on businesses today, much of it beyond your control. Technology, markets and even four age groups create generation differences. In the most challenging times of life, a good look inward can be invigorating. Here are 3 tried-and-true practices from the ancient masters that will counteract the "stuck" feelings we all experience in challenging work environments. Practice #1. Apply acceptance and responsibility.Accept how things are now, not as you wish they would be. Plan and intend for things to be different in the future, but accept the present. Then, take full responsibility for your feelings and how you might change your circumstances at work. Accept now and never blame others or yourself. Once you accept what is happening now and responsibility for what happens next, you can creatively find opportunities in problems, see new ways of dealing with change, and stay positive in difficult times. Practice #2. Be enthusiastic and inspired for your work.Take some reflection time and remember how you felt in your first work experiences, how fired-up you were to "make the world a better place". You can get that feeling back by telling about your deep-driving purpose for what you do. In a survey I took recently asking what work experiences people loved, a college student wrote, "I want my boss to be as enthusiastic as I am about working here". Enthusiasm is not something that will come to you at work if the right things happen. Rather, it comes from within and flows into what you do. Practice #3. Become Aware of Your Mental Models. Mental Models are individual notions of how things are done or ought to be done in the world. We use them to guide our "shoulds’ and make us feel better about ourselves. The problem is that we don’t know we have mental models and how they block enthusiasm. Here is a Mental Model of many of us in the workplace today: Once something happens or someone acts in my favor, I will feel good about my work. This Mental Model is false because enthusiasm comes from within. You can’t find it outside of you. Srikumar Rao says that it is our true nature to have "effervescent joy" but, our Mental Models get in the way. Here is what to do about intrusive Mental Models: ‘ Notice what Mental Models influence your thinking by taking ten minutes, pen in hand, to write the first things that come to mind about work. See where these thoughts take you by asking "why" after each thought and again after each following thought until you reach a revelation about what drives you. ‘ Rewrite your Mental Models by applying a "what if". For example, what if you create how you feel about work with acceptance and the responsibility to make it good. Practice #4. Calm your Mind Chatter. Have you noticed that your thinking goes on non-stop, 24-7 when you are awake? Mind Chatter, like a useless Mental Model, does not serve you well. Thinking is not always the route to finding the answers you are looking for. The space between thoughts, deep rest, and time with nature let creativity and your best self come through. There are times when thinking is necessary and times when it gets in the way of sustained enthusiasm. Giving your mind a break from thought during demanding days at work can be like a refreshing drink. Here’s something that will help you do that. Walk in silence. Bring walking shoes to work, put them on, let someone know you will be gone for 20 minutes and go out the door. Go alone and in silence, walk without thinking. Set aside this time for you, not for exercise or for visiting with a friend. As you walk, notice everything around you. Listen to birds and traffic. Be aware of your feet on the terra firma, the stride in your legs and the sun on your face. Most importantly, don’t think. Notice how your mind wants to chatter. You can say "stop" or, "I am thinking", then quickly, get back to only observing what you see and feel. When you walk back into the office, your mind will be ready to go to work on the next task. And, when follow these practices, your presence alone will change your employees’ world as well. It’s one of the most effective things you can do for yourself and for your employees in a challenging multi-generational workplace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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