37 year old man at home for the past six or seven years play a lot of games do not want to find a jo dachiyouxiang

A 37 year old man at home for six or seven years: play many games do not want a job Xiaoming and his home 60 year old Changchun Guo citizens have a heart disease, her 37 year old son Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) has been "closed" their six or seven years, these years do not communicate with outsiders, either alone at home, or go to Internet cafes to play games, do not go out looking for work, all live in their own world. "I am 60 years old, if one day I left, the child how to do?" Guo said. Grow by grandma grandpa but "a bit strange" brought his son, Ms. Guo guilty, when Bob young, she took care of children is not much. "When the work is busy, the child is his grandfather and grandmother with a large." Guo said, when the child was 9 years old, I divorced his father, and later reorganized the family, but the child is still living in the grandmother." Ms. Guo said Xiao Ming, 17 years old when she returned to her side, stepfather is also good for him. "When the child was very introverted, but the heart is very kind, people are very smart." Later, Xiao Ming at a technical school school, after graduation to work in a production of auto parts factory. Xiao Ming in the technical school after graduation, Ms. Guo has been aware of the child "is a bit weird". "The child was very polite, but also introverted personality, but during that time, he would have been a little bit, and the family quarrel." Guo said. "At that time, although the child introverted, do not love to speak, who would have thought that he is now so ah." Ms. Guo sobbed. After more than two years of marriage and divorce reasons are unknown later, Xiao Ming at the age of 24, through the introduction of others, a nurse, two people after a period of time to get married. "I thought the children get married, I can enjoy the grandchildren." Guo that time feel very happy. After more than two years of marriage, Xiao Ming suddenly put forward a divorce. "I don’t even know why he’s getting divorced. He did not say that my former daughter-in-law can not tell." Guo had discouraged two people, in fact, his wife did not want to divorce, and also proposed that he can go out to avoid a first, and so he calm down again." But Ms. Guo and his ex-wife stay did not let Xiao Ming change mind in Xiao Ming at the age of 27, from the marriage. Xiao Ming before marriage, Guo specifically for them to buy a house in their own home, so that he and his son, daughter can take care of each other. But she did not expect is that every day to give Xiao Ming meal, she has become the last six or seven years to do one thing every day. Entrepreneurial failure more and more closed their own MS Guo said that after the divorce, Xiao Ming is not immediately become this way. "After the divorce, he wanted to do something himself. We have to help him to open a restaurant, losing money, go against; get a booth, in Guangfu Road losing money, go against; open men’s apartment in his home, the last is not done." Guo said. After the men’s apartment closed, Guo obviously felt the situation is not too small ming. "He can either stay at home or surf the Internet every day." Ms. Guo said, I do not know whether this is not a few business failures, so that his situation is getting worse." Since then, Xiao Ming’s situation is getting worse, more and more closed…相关的主题文章:

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