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Careers-Employment Ask any HR executive his biggest work challenges and he is sure to mention talent acquisition as one. Job portals with free job posting reduce recruitment hassles to the least. Read on to find out 3 reasons why free job posting on online portals makes economic sense: Reason #1: Advertising Job Vacancy is Expensive & Doesnt Guarantee Results Traditionally, employers advertise vacancies of government jobs in India in newspapers or job classifieds. Some .panies post openings in selected journals in order to reach to their specific professional reader base. Advertising in print has its limitations in terms of frequency of circulation. Free job posting on online portal gives employers an added advantage of wide access to interested job seekers. Using their massive resume bank, hiring .panies can pick out qualified candidates for fresher jobs and even for specialized openings in environmental jobs, engineering jobs and bank jobs among others. Employers can browse the massive resume bank of the registered candidates even for generic IT jobs including BPO jobs. There are no additional costs to keep the job post live. Reason #2: HR Agencys .mission Can Toss Your Recruitment Budget On an average at least one employee leaves the organization every two months in most of the .panies. Employee volatility is high especially for IT software jobs, marketing jobs and healthcare jobs among others. Therefore recruitment be.es an ongoing process in most .panies. Partnering with HR agency for talent acquisition entails high costs including a percentage of the candidates annual package. Additional charges may also .e along depending upon jobs by location. Sourcing talent for jobs in Delhi and jobs in Mumbai calls for higher .mission to be paid. Closing senior level vacancies in finance jobs and medical jobs be.es pricey as the .pany need to bear the cost of high package plus the .mission. Unlike with free job posting, for every vacancy the .pany needs to pay an add-on .mission. This piles up the recruitment overheads like a lofty hill over time. Reason #3: Instant Response Saves Time and Time is Money Turnaround is fast with online free job posting services. Time lag to receive responses with print advertising or with a recruitment agency usually ranges in weeks. As an employer you have already spend the money but responses .e slow. Online portals allow for free posting of jobs by .pany, jobs by location and jobs by category helping you to receive relevant applications from qualified candidates. Say, you set your candidate preference for accounting jobs. Instantly you will be mailed resumes of candidates actively seeking accounting jobs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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