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Grassland on the 100 percent of the private territory – Sohu travel through the integration of nature and high quality sleep, replacing the quiet night will be an exciting journey during the day. Different from the previous day today is not only in the grasslands of driving, shadow can also give you water rafting, fishing river valley, let you feel the African wild is not cold, you can go to every piece of land, grassland it, every stream, river. Tired, rich food is likely to challenge the limits of your vision and smell, taste. In Kenya these days, Chinese seafood, seafood meal, western style, western style characteristics, local characteristics of zero barbecue meal for your taste buds are bombarded by the ultimate challenge to your stomach, you will be afraid of fat completely break fragile nerves. A meal to meal feast let you only choose poguanposhuai! How do you love me! After returning to lose weight! Here the delicious fill the mouth, the natural fresh ingredients and culinary art taste completely in rolling teeth chewing two, with most of the taste of Kenya tusker beer together into the esophagus, in order to make oral cavity chamber to meet the next mouth has never seen the delicious food. Here you can safely here, challenge the limit to drink, because happiness is not your own, there is a wonderful local dance show you add to the fun. In Africa, a strong sense of rhythm music accompaniment in the ethereal prairie silhouetted against the sky, in the burning fire, everyone in the infected and writhing body in the dance, even in the wild animal watching, you experience the visual and auditory experience in every moment of challenge your nervous excitement. Try to live in dreams, is the only theme tonight! Unloading stress is the only purpose tonight. Don’t be afraid! Really do not have to fear! Even you have to become unconscious star bed tonight, will let you have drunk different feelings, that is you no longer feel its presence, tonight’s bed is African land, is African stars tonight. In Africa, dazzling stars, in the highlands of East Africa, tonight you will be caught in this world, the world’s most spectacular sky and plateau tonight you can safely one exclusive. After you sober up will face Kenya to watch wild animal Safari shrine, Mara prairie, is still a light aircraft, is still very attractive experience. Tourists in general and shadow Safari trip to see a completely different experience, in addition to the Mara grasslands of the wild animal one by one to find it again, and you unexpected project, I just said two: "jungle trekking and night safari". Listen to the machine challenge, listen to the dynamic, what is it? I don’t say, absolutely not! Wait until you experience it yourself! I want to say is the famous night accommodation, one hundred years of history, Hemingway favored the exclusive Safari camp Cottars 1920s, Mara’s most famous prairie tent hotel. Cottars is 100 percent private territory, 250 thousand acres of area,相关的主题文章:

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