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In 10 years Prince William gave Kate luxury jewelry lead: diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and pearl, sapphire, garnet, Amethyst these gems can also in the relationship and gradually narrow the relationship between two people, as of the witness of love. Kate Middleton is a lucky girl who succeeds in capturing the heart of Prince William, and in her love and marriage, William is also a warm man who knows how to please women. Let’s take a look at ten years of love, William’s gift to kate. Edit @YumengCheung[micro-blog] Kate and William two people after 18 months of dating Kate William gave the ring in 2005, rose gold ring Kate wore a Vitoria style, the main stone is pearl and garnet, and these two gems are William and Kate’s birthstone. And this ring is also regarded as one of the clues of the two people exposure relationship, this ring is William gave Kate’s first jewelry gift, at this time is two people dating for about 18 months. The famous engagement ring, after a long courtship of parting, ended in 2010 when William was engaged to kate. It is well known that the ring belonged to Princess Diana, who was engaged in the engagement of Prince Charles with Princess Diana, and the two were selected from the Royal jeweler Garrard in February 1981. The center of the ring is a 12 carat sapphire, surrounded by 14 Diamonds, and the ring base is made of 18K gold. In fact, this ring is not like the previous royal engagement ring that is advanced customization, this ring is the brand daily sales. After the death of Princess Diana, the ring was passed on to Prince Harry, but eventually Prince Harry gave the ring to Prince William, hoping that he would marry him with the ring. On the wedding day, in addition to the sapphire engagement ring, Kate also wore a wedding ring, in accordance with the royal tradition, in addition to the engagement ring, the bride will wear another royal to the Welsh gold material wedding ring. On the day of the wedding, Kate wore not only the sapphire engagement ring, but also the wedding ring. In addition to the rocket Diana left the engagement ring, Prince William also gave Kate a to the ring and supporting the Sapphire Earrings except the gold Diana left to the engagement ring, Prince William also gave Kate a to the ring and matching Sapphire Earrings, and Diana relics. Once wore this Diana on Sapphire Earrings on many occasions. Kate in the 3 months after the wedding, wearing the Sapphire Earrings kitchen canada. William’s Christmas gift to Kate, Kate wore the first pair of earrings designed by her favorite designer, Kiki McDonough, on Christmas day in 2011, which was made of Green Garnet and diamond. This pair of earrings is a Christmas gift from William to kate. Copyright notice: original manuscript, if need to reprint, please strictly indicate the source of sina fashion.

相爱10年 威廉王子送给凯特王妃的奢华珠宝   导语:钻石是女人最好的朋友,而珍珠、石榴石、蓝宝石、紫水晶这些宝石也同样能在恋爱关系中逐渐拉近二人的关系,作为爱情的阶段性见证。凯特・米德尔顿是位幸运的姑娘,她成功俘获英国威廉王子的心,同时在他们的恋爱 婚姻中,威廉也是为懂得讨女人欢心的暖男。一起来看看相爱十年,威廉送给凯特的珠宝礼物吧。编辑@YumengCheung[微博] 威廉与凯特 二人约会18个月后威廉送给凯特的戒指   2005年,凯特手上戴了一枚维多利亚风格的玫瑰金戒指,主石是珍珠和石榴石,而这两种宝石也分别是威廉和凯特的生辰石。而这枚戒指也被视为二人曝光关系的线索之一,这枚戒指是威廉送给凯特的第一份珠宝礼物,此时是二人约会约18个月时间。 那枚著名的订婚戒指   在经历了分手等曲折的恋爱长跑后,2010年,威廉终于和凯特订婚。众所周知,这枚戒指属于戴安娜王妃,是查尔斯王子与戴安娜王妃订婚后,二人于1981年2月从皇家珠宝商Garrard品牌挑选的。该枚戒指中心是一枚12克拉的蓝宝石,四周围绕着14颗钻石,戒指基座由18K金制成。实际上这枚戒指并非像以往的王室订婚戒指那样是高级定制,这枚戒指就是品牌日常销售款。在戴安娜王妃去世后,这枚戒指传给了哈里王子,然而,最终哈利王子将这枚戒指让给了威廉王子,希望他用这枚戒指求婚。 婚礼当天除了那枚蓝宝石订婚戒指凯特还佩戴了结婚对戒   按照皇室传统,除了订婚戒指,新娘还会佩戴一枚另一枚皇室给于的威尔士金材质的结婚对戒。婚礼当天,凯特的左手无名指上不但佩戴了蓝宝石订婚戒指,同时还有结婚对戒。 除了那枚戴妃留下来的订婚戒指,威廉王子还送给凯特一对与那枚戒指配套的蓝宝石耳环   除了那枚戴妃留下来的订婚戒指,威廉王子还送给凯特一对与那枚戒指配套的蓝宝石耳环,也是戴妃的遗物。曾经戴妃在许多场合都佩戴过这对蓝宝石耳坠。凯特在婚礼后3个月时,佩戴着这对蓝宝石耳坠厨房加拿大。 威廉送给凯特的圣诞礼物   2011年圣诞节时,凯特第一次佩戴了这对由她最爱的设计师Kiki McDonough设计的耳环,该耳环由绿色石榴石和钻石制成。这对耳环是威廉送给凯特的圣诞礼物。 版权声明:原创稿件,如需转载,请严格注明出处新浪时尚。相关的主题文章:

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